How passionate are you to develop our country?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Next Revolution

Hi guys/gals,
Even though several steps have been taken to improve our nation, nothing came into effect, due to various obstacles or watever. Now INDIA isnt a developing nation, its developed but due to some blackspots in every stream it havent reached that particular state, and there are numerous reasons behind that. Sometimes it may be the lack of knowledge for the ruling party on how to improve the various streams, or may be coz they dont wanna do it coz it wont help them increase their swiss balance. Everyone being a social animal got some responsibilities towards our country. Now we cant say like we are lacking in money, coz when when taken into account the Forbes survey, Indians are dominating in the RICH list. They why not INDIA become developed. Nor the reason is lack of knowledge or brain, when considering every streams atleast a person in a project will be INDIAN. Then from what are we lacking. This question still remains as a QUESTION MARK in front of all of us. Its obvious that we all think why we arent developing like others, refers to other countries also. But y? y? y?

Whenever such a kind of topic becomes a story line in any language mive, it becomes hit. It directly implies that everyone is interested in this but not coming forward. egs: are many like Rang De Basanti , 4 the people(mallu) and so many..

Ideas relating to this are invited. Always keep in mind motive is important not the way through which we travels to make the motive come true.

Now you being a social animal have to respond to this . Lets see what we can do to make our dream come true.